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I love photography…it’s in my blood!   Folkestone born, December 1965 to parents who were both time-served professional photographers.  Ending up in the trade was I guess, unavoidable!

The digital age has changed a few things but the rules of good photography are still the same, the fact that professional photography is a trade before an art form - hasn’t changed.

I’m lucky to have been subjected to the craft for such a long time amongst such a variety of top notch professionals , I hope that reflects in our work as well as our conduct.

Returning to my roots and my independence after a long career elsewhere, it’s a pleasure to take advantage of “the old” ways of doing things and be different to the current rat race that’s so prevalent in the photographic world…it’s nice to have the choice of the best medium for the job film, large format film, digital, medium format digital for example.   

That was Mum and Dad’s business header…we don’t do weddings and the press won’t pay but we actively seek commercial commissions, especially now we are also equipped with the only high-end medium format digital equipment in the area.   When it comes to promoting  your products and you business remember; first impressions last.  Quality photographs make a difference…

Pam Taylor c. 1960

Richard Taylor, that was Dad’s byline for portraiture, a subject that’s close to our hearts.  We’ve had other incredibly important influences in that area with the advent in our lives of John Couzins and his mentor Ida Kar…one of the most important post-war portrait photographers ever.   Both have had a huge impact on our work, it’s impossible to not let it…John later became one of the top commercial photographers in the UK during the 1980s.   His skills are most enviable.

Richard Taylor Snr c. 1958

John Couzins & Ida Kar 1968

We now work from our shop in the Creative Quarter of Folkestone.

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